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            ● 重量輕、制動力矩大、力矩范圍廣;
            ● 散熱性能好、持續制動能力強;
            ● 耗電僅1A、表面溫度不高、使用更安全;
            ● 串聯于變速箱的后端,變速箱變動小,匹配簡單。
            ● 10m以上客車;
            ● 特種車。

            Terca TH series hydraulic retarder is a vehicle auxiliary braking device of more efficient, safer and more powerful which fully meet the GB7258 and GB12676 requirements on commercial vehicle auxiliary braking performance for matching with a variety of large bus, medium and heavy trucks and special vehicles.

            Product advantages:
            ● Light weight, large braking torque, a wide range of torque;
            ● Good heat dissipation, continuous braking ability;
            ● Power consumption of 1A, low surface temperature, safer for use;
            ● In series with the rear of the transmission, making small changes to 
                the transmission, the matching is simple.
            ● Parallel independent support, easy and reliable installation.

            The scope of application:
            ● Bus of above 10m;
            ● Special vehicles.

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