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            ● 打破傳統的繼電器開關控制模式,采用無觸點式智能模塊控制;
            ● 使用壽命長,工作次數可以達到1500萬次以上;
            ● 采用微電腦內核控制,自動化和智能化程度高;
            ● 自我保護功能強。具有過溫、過流、過壓等自動保護和拖剎、開路、短路等檢測報警多方面功能;
            ● 可以與原車ABS系統和剎車燈系統連接;
            ● 適應惡劣環境的能力強,可靠性高。適應-40℃~ 105℃環境,并且具有防水及耐鹽霧腐蝕,耐振動性能;
            ● 進行了嚴格的電磁兼容設計,通過了歐盟指令AUTOMOTIVE EMC認證;
            ● 基于SAE J1939協議的CAN總線,分布式、模塊化設計。 

            Terca retarder adopts microcomputer core control of high automation and intelligence degree to adapt to a variety of harsh working environment with long service life.

            ● Break the traditional relay switch control mode, using non-contact intelligent module control;
            ● long service life, the number of work can reach more than 15 million times;
            ● microcomputer core control, high degree of automation and intelligence;
            ● strong self-protection function. With functions in various aspects, such as over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and other automatic 
                protection, and brake dragging, open circuit, short circuit detection and alarm;
            ● can be connected with the ABS system and brake light system of the original vehicle;
            ● adapt to harsh environments, high reliability. Adapt to environments at the temperature of -40°C ~ 105° C, with waterproof and salt spray 
                corrosion resistance, and vibration resistance performance;
            ● Conducted a rigorous electromagnetic compatibility design, passed the EU directive AUTOMOTIVE EMC certification;
            ● CAN bus based on SAE J1939 protocol, distributed, modular design.

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